Opening Night


Opening Night



Wednesday, October 4th

7:30-10:00 PM

Comcast Studio Xfinity (901 W Weed St.) 

Shorts Program starts at 8pm

Birthday (16 min.) – A severely wounded Marine returns home to his wife after months of surgery and rehabilitation.
Children of God (10 min.) – A young amputee bets his prized possessions on his crush winning the boys vs. girls soccer match.
I Don’t Want to Go back Alone (17 min.) – A 15 year-old blind teenager and his best friend face issues of jealousy and other new feelings when they befriend a new kid in their class.
Welcome to the Last Bookstore (11 min.) – A day in the life of a bookstore owner—a father, husband, small business owner, and paraplegic—showing the store’s magnetic appeal to the community.

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Opening Night Speaker: Carrie Sandahl

Dr. Carrie Sandahl is head of the Program on Disability Art, Culture, and Humanities, which is devoted to research on and the creation of disability art. This program also serves as the administrative home for Chicago’s Bodies of Work, an organization that supports the development of disability arts and culture.


Sandahl is active nationally as a public speaker. She is frequently invited to present her research and creative work on disability art and culture at universities across the United States, including University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Santa Barbara, Stanford University, Bucknell University, University of Florida, Smith College, and Davidson College among others. She has keynoted conferences such as the Articulations Conference at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the Portland Disability Art and Culture Festival in Oregon. Sandahl also regularly presents her research at the Society for Disability Studies and the Association for Theater in Higher Education, both professional organizations in which she has been an active member for more than fifteen years.

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